Aluminium 6262 from P&P Non Ferrous Ltd




6262 is a heat treatable alloy with very good corrosion resistance and strength. Additions of bismuth in the material mean that it has outstanding machinability and surface finish.


This can be used in place of 2011 when a higher resistance to corrosion and better anodising response in needed.


This is a very versatile material and as a result can be used in a number of different ways…



·     Screw machine products

·     Camera parts

·     Nuts

·     Couplings

·     Marine fittings

·     Decorative hardware and appliance fittings

·     Hinge pins

·     Oil line fittings

·     Valves and Valve parts



 This is available from us in round bar in the following sizes…


In the drawn condition:

3mm dia – 3” dia


In the extruded condition:

20mm dia– 180mm dia